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Tired Of The Constant False Promises Of Having Tons Of New Customers Only To Be Let Down?
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Proven Path To Quick Results
We have tested and tested the advertising needed to get “ready to buy leads” over generic traffic. It took a lot of time and testing but we found the hot button.
We have developed a campaign that attracts the right kind of person to the Ad.

100% of our leads are interested in what you offer, are local to you, and have their finger on the trigger.

Do you want some of these leads? If you do but are skeptical, before you just trust us, seeing how we are a marketer and you get lots and lots of people selling online help of some sort, allow me to quickly address your skepticism.

I would be skeptical as well, so I agree with the thought that we could be just another marketer selling your business on some web service designed to help YOUR business perform better, but never actually work out as promised.

What Makes This Offer Different
We capture LIVE HOT buyer leads. 100% of our messages have been tested and split tested over and over again to distinguish the buyers from the rest. We are in business to help local businesses get new and repeat customers. Let's face it, it is a tough job. You are an expert at what you do. We are experts at what we do. When you spend your time focused on what you are in business to deliver, as with anything that focus, makes you even better at it.

So, let's see if you align and can benefit from our services.

Our target audience meets the below criteria and is YOUR business if you meet the criteria. 

We screen your business before we decide to target it with our ads or other methods. The screening process isn’t perfect, so if you have all of the business that you can handle and are as busy as you want to be, then perhaps we missed the mark.

However, if you are accepting NEW business then you will want to take the couple minutes that it takes to go through this. If you are accepting new business, and you meet most if not all of these criteria, you could easily be the kind of business that we can make a huge impact on. We are looking for ONE to TWO businesses in your vertical to accept the leads and then close the area.

To check if you're a good fit for what we do, both for yourself and us, please review the list below.

Just to let you know the criteria of what businesses that we are designed to serve, here are the necessary ingredients. If this is your business, please stay tuned.

  • You want Exclusive Hot Buyer Leads.
  •  Your business is not on page one of Google, Yahoo or Bing (organic clicks are non-existent).
  •  Your business isn't showing up at all when a searcher types in the highest most often searched buyer keywords (anything after page two is considered not showing up as almost NO ONE ever goes there).
  •  Your social media presence is not converting shoppers/searchers/researchers to buyers.
  •  Your business isn't being found on more than a few influential review sites or social sites that real HOT buyers search to find the real scoop on your business.
  •  Your YouTube presence is weak at best.
  •  Your reputation is considered good as it is at least 4 out of 5. (We are not interested in any businesses that treat their customers poorly.)
  •  The businesses in your vertical (industry) that does have all of these things right is killing it. 
  •  When we call your business the phone gets answered.
  •   Your website is decent enough to at least be trusted as authentic.
  •  You do have a "Contact Us" opportunity for an after hours prospect to let your business know that they want to talk or connect.
  •  Your customer value is not super low, like a few bucks.
  •  Your customer value can be high allowing a HOT lead to be worth plenty.
  •  What you're doing now has nothing to do with what we do
  •  You're available for us to talk to you.

What We Do
We capture HOT Buyer ready leads and distribute them to businesses that meet the above criteria. We prove our ability to capture real authentic leads in your market area, without charging for our services. 

Yes, we give you leads, Hot Buyer Leads, and prove to you that they are ready to buy before we ask you to pay for our services.You get to see that they are not fake or sold to many other businesses in your niche and marketplace. We can discuss how much ad spend it'll take to generate the leads and run a quick test for you  to prove that our system will get you leads, real buyer leads almost immediately.

We deliver these via a phone call directly to your business or an email opt in to have you contact them.

In some niches we also deliver an intake form that identifies the buyer's needs and desires even before the conversation.

We track the data and analyze the data with you after the trial has been completed to establish your business' ability to convert them and then establish their value.Then we work together to come up with a custom arrangement that serves us both.

We provide monthly reports and recordings for you to analyze to see if your team is handling leads the way you want them handled.This by itself has tremendous value.

We do not require a long term agreement. We go month to month with a free 30 day notice of termination of the agreement if you ever lose your mind and want to stop the magic buyer train.

We record the calls and the length of time it takes to reply to opt ins and offer coaching on ways to improve conversions.

Much more …
Critical Facts
  •  Your business meets the criteria above.
  •  Our services get results.
If you want to know more, enter your personal info below and we’ll contact you.

It is that simple. 

We will reach out to you and set up a call from one of our agents to discuss how this works and how you take advantage of our offer.
This is the best thing that you can do for your business today and in the long run.
Why is this the best thing that has happened to my business in a long time?

If you meet the criteria mentioned above, and likely you do or you wouldn’t be here, then real results, as in closed buyer leads, are a few clicks and a conversation away. 

If you’ve been in business for long enough to have done things your way and yet still meet these criteria, then a change in what you're doing now is a MUST if you want 2017 and beyond to be better than anything you’ve done up until now.

There is a guarantee of RESULTS.

I’d be willing to bet you that your current marketing doesn’t have that.

Your business gets solicited daily with promises for marketing that should bring results instead of what you and most any business actually cares about which is real results from “Exclusive Hot Buyer Leads".

You're tired of some story of how in 6 months or a year you’ll finally get ranked and get FREE leads from organic search ranking by appearing on page one. This is a dream that never seems to come TRUE. Many of you have been paying an SEO for months fully expected their work to eventually get your business to that magical place on Google front page. Just about that time Google comes along and chances are the algorithm and you're back to square one. Oh, did your web guy forget to mention that?

Yet, we offer buyer ready leads as the product and can do so in less than 5 days.

You’ve likely purchased or paid for some of this sort of thing before, such as leads corporate provided where applicable or worse those same leads were sold to a dozen others. Take Angie's list or any other lead generating source like them and check to see how many prospects get those same leads along with you.

Let me guess, you found out that even though your staff did have a conversation, the odds of closing were low as now it has become a price war with the competitors that they sold the lead to as well.


Maybe you have used one of the giveaway promos like Groupon that has you get real people in your business by cutting the price of your service in half, then paying them half of the remainder all on the promise that NOW that the customer and your business have made a connection, that customer will come back again and again at regular pricing.

Our thought on that price give away stuff: 

Anyone can get leads with a half price coupon. Most times that half price coupon shopper has no loyalty and it is an illusion to believe that they will not jump ship to your competitor if you don’t continue to give away your services to them. Groupon and all their “me too copies of" all promise that giving away your services to get NEW clients pays for itself by getting that customer back as a repeat purchaser at regular price.

Yeah sure, how is that working out? That buyer when they do want more of what you sell or offer just went to a competitor with a giveaway coupon, and not back to your business. They only buy “low hanging fruit”.

Coupon offers do work, so we do them as well, on occasion, but with a smarter design that improves the chance of a return customer not solely driven by giveaway deals. We (you and us)  just need some thought about what you really want as far as prospective customers are concerned. If you know, the rest is easy.

Enough said here: Interested, you now know what to do.
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